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Constance Skin Care Price List
Gentle Cleanser  (dry skin)  8.6 fl. oz. $26.95

Cleansing Lotion  (normal or combination skin) 8.6 fl. oz.  $26.95

Exfoliating Cleansing Gel  (oily skin)  12 oz.  $28.95

Retexturize Foaming Facial Scrub  (all skin types)  8.6 fl. oz.  $24.95
Freshener (restores PH-balance for all skin types) 8 oz. $26.95

Age Defying Eye Cream  (all skin types)  $30.50

Firming Eye Serum  (all skin types)  $30.50

Illuminating Eye Treatment  (dark circles - all skin types)  24.50
Apple Stem Cell Serum (all skin types) .6 fl. oz. $35.25
Firming Serum (all skin types) 1 fl. oz. $35.25
Aloe A & 28 Serum (therapy) 1 oz. $39.95
Aloe Vera Jelly (aloe therapy & oily skin moisturizer) 4 oz. $32.25 
Age Reverse Multi-Peptide Cream (all skin types except oily, AM and PM) 2.25 oz. $32.25
Age Reverse Skin Brightening Apple Stem Cell Cream (Paraben FREE +
 Designed for ALL skin types) 2.25 oz. $32.25
Hydrating Foundation Primer (formerly Protective Base)  Normal to Dry Skin
 (locks in moisture and locks out contaminants and makeup from skin) 1 oz. $24.95
Foundation Primer (formerly Protective Base) Normal to Oily Skin
(locks in moisture and locks out contaminants and makeup from skin) 1 oz. $24.95 
Mineral Sheer Tint: SPF-20 (sheer, tinted moisturizer in light, medium and dark) 1 oz. $26.00
Elastin Cream (replenishes elastin-collagen matrix - slightly oily thru dry skin)
 2.35 oz. $42.95                 
Night-Time Renewal Cream (rejuvenate and improve skin texture overnight)   
1.6 oz.  $45.00

Perfect Finish Purifying Spray(replaces Revitalizing Spray)  1.7 oz.  $19.95
Non-Surgical Facial Lift System
 (includes components to do 20 to 25 facials for all skin types) $94.95
Facial Lift Powder (powder component for Non-Surgical Facial Lift System)
4 oz. $44.95
Facial Lift Activator (liquid component for Non-Surgical Facial Lift System) 4.3 oz. $25.25
Facial Lift Vita-10-Oil (component for Non-Surgical Facial Lift System) 1 oz. $24.75
MSM Moisturizing Oil (nourisher to revive and infuse dry skin) 4 oz. $26.95
Aloe Mystery (800% concentrated aloe salve - therapy) 1 oz. $35.50       1/4 oz.  $16.50
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on all the above products.
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Constance Cosmetics Price List
Foundation (Light Diffusing formula) $25.95
Concealer (pot or tube)  $11.50
Loose Translucent Powder (loose with shaker top)  $24.95
Eyeshadow Base Toner ( ivory - warm, maize - warm)  $11.50
Eyeshadow Pot  $10.50
Magic Glitter Dust  (loose, glittery shadow)  $11.95
Eye Pencil  (requires sharpening)  $11.95
Gel Eyeliner  $13.00
Automatic Eyeliner  $13.00
Cake Eyeliner  $10.50
Sensitive Mascara $15.00
Brush-On-Brow  $13.00
Contour Blush-On-Powder  (cool or warm)  $13.50
Blush (pressed powder) $16.50
Mosaic Collage Powder  (compact blush) $30.75
Bronze Gold Bronzer  (mirrored compact) $27.00
Gel Lipliner  $13.00
Automatic Lipliner  $13.00
Lipstick $15.00
Lip Shine (tinted lip nourishers)  $15.00
Vitamin E Stick  (clear lip nourisher)  $15.00
Professional Brushes & Accessories
Tapered Powder Brush  $23.95
Tapered Blusher Brush  $20.95
Angle Fluff Shadow Brush  $7.95
Brush-On-Brow Brush  $6.75
Brow-Lash Groomer  $6.75
Fine Eye Liner Brush  $6.50
Contoured Lip Brush  $8.25
Disposable Sponge-Tip Applicators  (pak of 10)  $3.50
Lift Brush  $2.00
Travel Set  (2 jars with lids, 1 spray bottle, 1 flip-top bottle)  $4.00
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